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It is true that to stay on the market, focus on branding. It will drive the consumers towards you. The consumers will get to know about the product and if they find it relevant, they will automatically use it. In other words, it is wiser to say that branding increases the brand awareness and therefore, the sale also gets higher.

No doubt, branding offers a lot of potentiality on the business and the product, if used in the right way. For this, one needs to learn from the past mistakes done by the marketers that made the business suffer from huge losses. It all results in the business turning out to get an image of bad branding.

What is bad branding?

To run any business in the market, the first thing you need to win is the customer’s heart and trust in your product. Try to convert your one-time customer to a regular one. For this, you need to provide the product that the customers need.

But when any business starts losing the trust of consumers, or we can say that the business turns out to be irresponsible, then they will suffer from huge loss. In other terms, it is called bad branding. The business starts getting a bad name and impression. It will start giving a negative vibe, thereby pushing the customers. Once you are out of the competition, many other brands will immediately overtake you.

Why brands commit mistakes in branding?

There is no such valid reason for this. It is because no business wants to create a bad impression but if they make several mistakes like being dishonest towards the customers, not interacting with the consumers, using bad influencers, using bad social media campaigns, etc., will drive away from the crowd. Any brand needs to be loyal and responsible towards its customers.

For you to avoid such drastic mistakes, here we are going to bring out several bad branding examples.

5 major marketing failures examples

1. Collaboration of Kendall Jenner with Pepsi

One of the biggest mistakes by Pepsi was the ad where they featured Kendall Jenner, who ended the protest of the Black Lives Matter movement just by handing a Pepsi can to the police. The result was a wave of widespread anger and criticisms that the ad suffered. 

There were tons of comments that brought the outrage of the people turned into words. Most of the comments were that at the time when wars were going, we only need Kendall Jenner to settle them. The people also criticized that the time when they need them, she totally vanished.

This ad resulted in the downfall of the Pepsi market and many competitors took the advantage of this situation and overtook Pepsi.

2. Declegis collaboration with Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the renowned Instagram influencers with over 44 million followers on Instagram. She posted on her Instagram about the Declegis and collaborated with a pharmaceutical company. In her post for the medicine of morning sickness, she did not mention the side effects and FDA guidelines.

It attracted most of the audience as these are very needed to mention in the post. Due to this reason, the people showed their negative views over the product as well as the company. The criticism was mostly faced by Kim Kardashian also. It was one of the biggest examples of marketing gone wrong.

3. Logo change of GAP

GAP was known for its classy logo of Serif alphabets. The same logo went on very long with 30 years. After this, the marketers took a huge risk by changing its logo. The serif letters were changes to sans-serif Helvetica. Also, the entire design changed as a square blue block was seen on the top of the letter P.

This raised the outrage of the consumers as they found it an immaterial one. Finally, GAP had to bring its logo back. It happened for the first time in the marketing agency. This example showed how a wrong logo design can cut the market for any product.

4. Dove

Here is one of the illustrations from the failed marketing campaign. It was Dove’s Body positive Packaging. They featured a real woman in a positive light. The campaign gained a lot of attention from the audience side and ran for 15 years.

It was a campaign that was empowering women. After this, Dove did something that brought its image down. They brought a limited edition in England to choose from the different soap bottles design. The designs were compared to the diverse bodies of women. It raised the outrage of the people in various social media handles. It forced the women to be conscious of their body figure and therefore resulting in giving a wrong message to the public.

5. Coca Cola

Coke is widely known for its taste from the ancestors. For this reason and several others like Marilyn Monroe touted, the grandparents give it to their grandchildren on birthdays, and many more, people have some emotional connectivity with this soda.

In 1985, Coke tried to bring something new. They added some extra ingredients to the drink and launched it in the market. Despite being good at the taste, the reactions of people were unexpected. They outraged their anger and demanded the Coke back in its individual flavor.

In this entire situation, Pepsi took its place and went higher in terms of demand than Coke. Finally, Coke retained its original drink recipe back and launched again. It was one of the biggest examples of companies and products with bad marketing.

Keeping all these in mind, marketers have to take a lesson. They have to learn from these bad branding campaigns. Now, we are going to discuss some of them.

How to create successful campaigns?

The sequential steps for creating a successful campaign are:-

  • Set a goal for your campaign.
  • Fix a budget that you are going to spend overall.
  • Keep a track of the audience whom you need to target.
  • Choose the right influencer.
  • Work on creating engaging and attractive content.
  • Measure the results on the regular basis.
  • Don’t forget to keep the track of how the competitive brand is working on their market.

Need influencers?

A successful marketing campaign can only be successful if you have the right influencer along with you. It is advised to choose the influencers wisely and stay away from the bad influencers.

Before choosing an influencer, set a budget. Choose according to it. Now, if you think that on a small budget, are you going to get an influencer or not?

Then, yes, my friend. Absolutely.

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