You might be looking for one of the best refrigerator under 30000 in India, if so then you are at the perfect point. The below list is all regarding the best refrigerators in India under 30000.

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I am large sure that all of us would have a fridge in our home, just that we may be looking to substitute the single door with a double one. In other situations, we are merely studying to buy a new one.

I get that you’d like to get the best one for your home within the amount intended and I am here to make this task most comfortable for you.

Based on my personal practice, I always feel the place is far better than quantity. 

1) Godrej 331 L 3 Star Frost Free best Double Door Refrigerator under 30000

You will also get an inbuilt stabilizer with this freestanding design just to make sure you won’t have to consume extra.

It includes a smart rotating compressor and is distinct from others as it makes very little noise and shakes during the operation. 

3 star rated model; however, still very much strength active at the same time. It consumes around 30 % less power as compared to the normal ones.

This one has frost-free technology. It would take care of it automatically by preventing ice accumulation.

Godrej provides a ten-year extended warranty on the compressor and one year on the overall result. Overall, this is a large & best double door refrigerator under 30000 in India.


  • Defrost:- Frost Free
  • Stabilizer:- Yes
  • Compressor:- Rotary Compressor
  • Capacity:- 331 Litres
  • Type:- Double Door
  • Launch:- 2016
  • Warranty:- 10 years on the compressor, 1 year on product
  • Colour:- Grey with Floral Design
  • Weight:- 67 KG including 1674 MM x 676 MM x 652 MM
  • Star Ratings:- 3 Stars


  • Top-Notch Quality
  • Good service
  • Energy Efficient
  • Frost Free
  • Great design & finishing
  • Ten years warranty


  • N.A.

2) LG 308 L 2 Star Inverter WIFI Frost Free best Double Door Refrigerator under 30000

You’d get a bunch of pieces such as Every Fresh Zone, Double Twist Ice Tray, Linear Cooling Door, Auto Smart Connect, and a lot also. These features provide great support and guarantee that the food lingers at a suitable temperature and fresh for an extensive period of time.

One of the unique points is the Smart analysis. This point helps in troubleshooting. Let’s know how it works. So, whenever you feel like there’s something amiss with the product, you just require to call L.G.L.G. customer assistance and then simply place the receiver on the fridge. They will automatically diagnose it with their system for a prompt decision.

It is produced in a way that it can efficiently deal with any sort of voltage changes; it usually works within the scope of 135-290V. In terms of the light, it has a pretty unique TOP led which is somewhat sleek in design. This results in ample measures of shine.

There is also a different feature which is Auto Smart Connect since the power requirement of this refrigerator is very less, you can even get it attached to your home inverter which is quite useful in cases of power cuts.

You will get a ten-year warranty on the compressor and 1 year on the product. I feel this is one of the famous designs from L.G.L.G. around 30000.


  • Capacity:- 308 Litres
  • Stabilizer:- Yes
  • Compressor:- Inverter Linear Compressor
  • Type:- Double Door
  • Defrost:- Frost Free
  • Launch:- 2017
  • Colour:- Shine Grey
  • Weight:- 55 KG including 1674 MM x 703 MM x 585 MM
  • Warranty:- 10 years on compressor, 1-year on product
  • Star Ratings:- 2 Stars


  • Anti Bacteria Gasket
  • Brand Reliability
  • Auto Connect- Inverter Compatible
  • A lot of features
  • Great Service
  • Door Cooling Plus


  • Rating decreased this year.

3) Whirlpool 340 Litres Frost Free Best Double Door 4 Star Convertible Refrigerator under 30000

It includes a lot of points; let’s go through a fleet overview of it.

So, this one has adaptive capacity. So what it does is, the background is created in a way that it automatically separates the data of temperature and capacity and maintains it for better cooling performance and long-lasting freshness.

This model additionally has an Intellisense Inverter Technology and Auto Connect to Home Inverter. This means the technology helps in sensing the physical quantity. Yes, it can be attached to your home inverter, and during power parts, it automatically gets attached to your fridge and can provide long-lasting freshness and reducing up to 15 days.

Another great point is Freshonizer. It helps in preventing the fridge odor-free, which results in fresh food for a more extensive period. The macroblock and zeolite technology innovation helps in reducing up to 90% bacterial growth.

With all these great and different features, you can consider this model as an attractive option for the best fridge under 30000.


  • Capacity:- 340 Litres
  • Stabilizer:- Yes
  • Compressor:- Normal Compressor
  • Type:- Double Door
  • Defrost:- Frost Free
  • Launch:- 2019
  • Warranty:- 10 years on compressor, one year on the product (Warranty Card)
  • Colour:- Magnum Steel Color
  • Weight:- 64KG including 172 CM x 68 CM x 82 CM
  • Star Ratings:- 4 Stars


  • Top-Notch Quality
  • Micro block Technology
  • High Capacity
  • Adaptive Intelligence
  • Great Design
  • Auto Connect to Home Inverter
  • Great Service


  • N.A

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