Buying guide: What baby walker to buy?
Free movement is essential for a good motor and cognitive evolution of the baby. Crawling is a very important stage that helps the development and neural connection, the knowledge of the body itself and its possibilities and to strengthen the muscles. That is why it is necessary not to skip the crawling. If we observe our baby we will immediately recognize the signals that will announce the moment in which we can go to the next stage, the upright position.

When to offer the baby walker?
Walkers to promote upright movement will start to be attractive to your baby from 9 or 10 months, depending on the child. Let’s not forget that each creature has developmental rhythms that must be respected. When you see that your little one shows interest in sitting up (with the bars of the crib , leaning on a chair or climbing your legs), the time has come to introduce the walker.

However, some walkers have activity panels that they can take advantage of while sitting. (1)

What are the benefits of using baby walkers?
The walkers will give your baby the confidence to start walking since their stability offers them the balance they need.

They also help them in the task of proprioception because they have to control and know the possibilities of their body. From a ride-on, this work at the developmental level is done respecting their own rhythms since they are the ones who decide when they feel ready to join or take the first step.

All this is accompanied by a strengthening of the muscles and balance.

It also gives them autonomy, knowledge of their environment, visio-spatial coordination and in the models that carry containers, they assimilate the concepts of “inside / outside, big / small, fits / doesn’t fit”.

What models of baby strollers can I find on the market?
Currently, on the market, there is a wide variety of ride-ons. The most interesting thing is to choose the one that best adapts to the evolutionary moment of your child. Baby Goods 2in1 Walk & Rock Walker can be used from 6 months onwards because they have sensory panels that they are able to use while in a sitting position.

In other models it is necessary that the baby already has a certain balance to use them, such as those with two wheels.

If your little one is new to walking, the most stable model is the four-wheel ride-on. There are as many designs as models; from those with a triangular shape, with a front panel for activities and a rear handle for moving; to those in the form of a car, truck or plane in which to mount.

The intermediate model of three wheels are very similar to tricycles and will help them to gradually acquire the balance they need.

Faqs: User Frequently Asked Questions
Walkers, ride-ons and heels, are they the same?
It is important not to confuse the models of walkers and ride-ons that accompany the child in their first steps, with those where the child is put inside and all they do is move due to the uncontrolled movement of the legs (the tacatas)

The latter are absolutely discouraged by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics as they are the source of accidents and delays at the motor and muscular level.

From what age is the use of baby walkers recommended?
Around 9 months and taking into account the needs of the baby, the ride-on can be presented

What elements are essential for the first walkers?
It depends on each family if they prefer a type of walker with more or less lights and sounds. What is interesting is that it has a wheel braking system so that, during those first attempts to stand up and move around, the wheels do not move forward and the baby falls flat on their faces.

If the child has already acquired his first steps, this factor is not so relevant

What are the advantages of having a baby walker at home?
Although there are certain studies that made an effort to confirm that a baby walker was not good in any way for our little ones to use, the truth is that over time it has been discovered that there is nothing wrong with having them and also, with use it gives it greater mobility and a way to develop in any of its steps since this is always the most interesting.

In this section we want to expose some of the most direct benefits of Baby Goods Walkers so that if you were thinking of getting any of them, you know how they will bring you advantages and give good guarantees so that your child can be perfectly active which is one of the great wonders that we value when thinking about the little one. Are you accompanying us on this adventure?

Fun for your child
If there is something that we must value when adding any element in our child’s day to day, it is the fact that in addition to being useful and getting his first steps with it, he can also be entertained and take the activity as a real game that is worth it at this point.

Rest for mothers
Mothers are the most sacrificed when it comes to caring for the little one, for this reason, everything that makes us enjoy a space of freedom is very important. Buying a baby walker is a way of achieving this and of gradually paving our way, since it is a way of letting the little one develop without us having to be on top of him all the time.

Develop your creative ability
It is not that we are talking about a coloring book or a space in which they can draw peacefully. However, a baby walker can become a way to get to places much faster and, as they feel capable, their ability can be creatively developed so we are supposed to be correct with the choice to buy this tool.

We must also inform that we cannot abuse the use of a baby walker no matter how much we like it or that we are going to enjoy its benefits, since as with everything, an abuse of this can derail a dependency of our little one and this is precisely what we have to avoid under all the circumstances that are exposed to us at all times.

In our store we have a very attractive variety of baby walkers , ride- ons for little ones or tacatacas for children that you should not miss if you are looking for one of these elements for the most important thing in our house, since that is fundamental and what gives us peace and quiet from the first years of his life.

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