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The primary functions of custom rigid packaging can be distinguished between those that serve a logistics or marketing role. Even though, in practice, these roles are intertwined. 

The obvious benefit of any packaging box is the protection of encased products. Custom rigid packaging prevents damage during transport and storage from the contaminating factors, jolts, vibration, and compression through a physical layer of protection. While protecting goods in transportation, packaging also keeps the freshness of products intact and enhances the life of perishable food items. These two benefits are mainly concerned with the logistic function of packaging. 

Other benefits of packaging to consumers arise from convenience associated with storage and shelving of long-life food items and associated hygiene and safety benefits. In particular, the material and shape of custom rigid boxes can be designed to support these aspects, e.g., material and shapes suitable for storing items. However, convenience also carries over to the actual consumption of the product. Therefore, the custom rigid boxes must be practical and functional-friendly. In practice, a wide variety of materials are used for creating packaging boxes. The material choice is entirely subjected to the logistical and functional needs of the consumers.

Function-friendly Packaging

Poor quality of the packaging boxes can be detrimental to your brand image as it can hamper the brand-consumers relationship. For instance, the product’s experience can be negative if it cannot open or close conveniently, not sturdy enough to protect the product, or can cut or harm the consumer. The opening and closing mechanisms of your wholesale rigid boxes must be user-friendly and simple. 

Marketing Role of Custom Rigid Boxes

The second function of wholesale rigid boxes is essentially a marketing role. These boxes provide an attractive method to communicate and convey the brand’s messages about product attributes to the consumers. The packaging is the only part of marketing communication that a consumer takes home after the purchase. The packaging is also perceived as one of the product attributes. A well-designed, high-quality packaging box communicates and reinforces the brand’s values. The rigid box manufacturers and brands strive hard to create appealing packaging boxes as these have the ability and power to make and break a brand. 

The Packaging Republic’s team of packaging experts believes that packaging plays a critically important role in marketing, especially in the case of low-involvement products. Here the consumers spend very little time deciding which product to go for. Therefore, your packaging must have a top-notch design to attract consumers and stimulate instant sales. Apart from the convenience and protection qualities, packaging boxes are a medium of brand communication. In the most basic sense, packaging can provide product information (usability instructions, precautionary measures, ingredients, etc.). 

The Bottom Line

The product information can be promotional, factual, or mandated by regulation (tobacco, cannabis, or marijuana purity levels). The packaging boxes’ informational elements serve as a cue in assisting the consumer when faced with multiple products from which to choose. This is particularly important because of the changing lifestyles and time pressure on the consumers, combined with ever-widening product variety, adding to consumers’ need to make rapid, informed purchasing decisions.

The packaging is one of the factors which make consumer goods cost-effective. The rigid box manufacturers USA and brands believe that the consumer goods would be more expensive if it were not for the cost-effective packaging solutions. 

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