Nutrients are provided by food for normal development of our body. Our body takes these nutrients from the food and fruits we eat. Both macro and micro nutrients are provided by various food items.

Our body cannot do anything without the vital ingredients for a healthy function. Everything that happens in our body from transportation of oxygen and nutrients from food to the erection process is controlled by nutrients. The male erection process is a combination of several physical, emotional and mental functions. The exact combination helps us to get a smooth erection. Any deficient in any nutrient causes erection issues in males. Let us study the important nutrients that play an important role in the erection process.

Nutrients for erection

Males facing erectile dysfunction cannot get an erection even when they are fully aroused. The erection issue at the basic level is lack of sufficient blood flow in the pelvic area. Any nutrient that makes it easy to ensure smooth blood flow cures erectile dysfunction. Though doctors prescribe Generic Levitra 40 mg doses for quick relief from the erection difficulties, males prefer natural remedies to get the permanent cure without any side effects.

Vitamin C

This vital vitamin prevents inflammation, protects arteries from damage caused by harmful free radicals and promotes the smooth blood flow. The ascorbic acid neutralizes free radicals and keeps arteries flexible, which supports the blood flow through them. All citrus fruits, the rich source of this vitamin, are recommended by nutritionists as a part of a wider diet to get the natural relief from erectile dysfunction.


Zinc boosts testosterone levels to increase libido, which in turn makes it possible to get aroused for an erection. Low testosterone drive is one of the major causes behind erectile issues in mid-aged males. If you feel that low drive is behind your erection problem, start eating nuts, chicken, mushrooms and oyster to boost testosterone production. The erection boosting medicines will yield results only when you have sufficient libido for physical stimulation.


As mentioned, the erection problem at the cellular level is blood circulation problem. Blood circulation is controlled by contraction in blood vessels. Magnesium widens the arteries to create additional space for blood circulation to overcome the erection resistance. The lack of this nutrient may contract the blood vessels and make it difficult for smooth blood flow.  The natural sources are nuts, seeds, avocado, and whole grains.

Folic acid, vitamin B 9

It is seen that sperm production affects the erection production. This nutrient increases sperm production. In addition to this, it also enhances the function of the heart, which adds the erection process by pumping more blood towards the pelvic area.  By increasing sperm production, a man may see an increase in libido, which creates a desire for an intimate session. Take the nutrient from apricots, beans, avocado, eggs, mushrooms, spinach, and beetroots.


Nitric oxide is an essential element in relaxation of blood vessels. Widening of blood nerves during the relaxation phase leads to flow of blood for an erection. L – Arginine creates nitric oxide. Without nitric oxide, even erection boosting medicines won’t work, as they only enhance the function of nitric oxide in the body by suppressing the enzyme that restricts their role. Chicken, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, diary, soya will help you to get the required nutrients.

Biotin, Vitamin B7

Low libido is often a major cause behind poor desire and poor desire cannot help get an erection with physical stimulation. Some doctors prescribe taking full benefit of Sildenafil citrate 150 mg when adequate libido is inside you. Libido will make it possible to get erection with stimulation which is required even after using a higher dose. Legumes, avocado, nuts, cauliflower, wheat flour are some of the sources of biotin.

Riboflavin Vitamin B2

B 2 provides energy and ensures vitality. It is behind regeneration and tissue growth .It tones muscles and improves the health of blood nerves.  An improved nerve health supports blood flow which is vital for an erection. Eggs, meat, fish, dairy products, broccoli and spinach are some major sources.


It keeps fertility intact in males and females. It also enhances the erection process in males. Brazilian nuts are the richest source of selenium. Besides fertility, it protects the heart, ensures prostate health, which is a major cause of erectile dysfunction in seniors, and checks cognitive decline. Increase intake of eggs, fish, and nuts if you feel anxiety, tiredness and low mood. All these emotional issues also cause erectile difficulties in males.


Nutrients help our body to function normally and support healthy functions including the erection process. There are supplements also available, but prefer natural change in diet to increase macro and micronutrients. Take supplements only when doctors recommend overcoming severe deficiency. The best way to ensure all nutrients are part of your daily diet is to have a balanced diet.

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