Axis Cube

An axis cube, also known as a ghost cube, is a twisty puzzle that is very much similar to a Rubik’s cube.

If you are familiar with a Rubik’s cube, then understanding an axis cube would be an easy task. 

To help you understand an axis cube, here is a brief description of it.

An axis cube is very much similar to a Rubik’s cube in its solution and usability, as both of these cubes are referred to as puzzles or riddles and are used as a fun activity of mind stimulator. The difference between both lies in their orientation and the physical characteristics, and thus that is the defining part of an axis cube.

An axis cube has unequal divisions. That is unlike in a Rubik’s cube where there is equal division amongst its parts and thus an equal and similar shape of its every part, in an axis cube due to an unequal division amongst its parts, the different parts have different shapes. But, the overall figure of an axis cube remains a cube given its name. Moreover, the rotation of its parts is vividly different from a regular Rubik’s cube given the uniquely different shape of its parts. 

Axis Cube

Now that we have understood in brief about an axis cube, let’s learn how to solve it in just three easy and cool steps.

  • Figuring and fixing the centres

Spotting the centres is the most vital part of solving any of the cubic puzzles out there. In fact, it is the most tricky part as well. Whether it be a Rubik’s cube, a mastermorphix, or an axis cube, all of these cubes have different centres, and thus it is imperative to figure out the centre of these cubes before proceeding with its solution. 

In an axis cube, the centre is a small triangle-shaped piece at the edge of every face. The first step in solving an axis cube is solving or fixing the centre to back to its position. The algorithms of it are the same as a Rubik’s cube or a mastermorphix, so you can choose any one that suits you from the plethora of algorithms.

  • Make a plus sign

The next and the most crucial step is to try and make a plus sign one every face of the cube. It just needs some rotations here and there, and voila! You get your plus sign. A plus sign on every face is the next and the most important part of the solution. Though it is a bit tricky too, with a good understanding of algorithms and sufficient practice, getting a plus sign could be a cakewalk. Moreover, after achieving your expertise in this step you can also go ahead and try different algorithms of your own and figure out your own different method of solving an axis cube. 

  • Solve the last layer, and you are done

Now that you have brought a plus sign to every face except the last layer, which is the top one, solving it would automatically get your cube solved. This is the tricky part of the solution, but solving the topmost face will make a perfect cube for you. In order to solve the last layer, just follow the steps of how you would solve the last layer of a Rubik’s cube, the steps to solving the last layer of an axis cube are exactly similar to it. So, understand the complexity and solvability of it, and go along with the solution of the last layer, and Voila! Your last layer is solved. But this is not it, rotate your cube around and you’ll figure out that you have solved your cube completely, in just three simple and easy steps.

Solving an axis cube might be tricky, but if you have a good understanding of a Rubik’s cube then solving an axis cube could be a cakewalk.

So follow the above three steps method and surprise yourself and your friends, by solving an axis cube in just minutes. 

In fact, just imagine how cool it is to solve an axis cube standing amongst people who cannot even figure out its first edge?

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So, get started with your axis cube and solve it in class with the help of this amazing method. 

Happy Cubing!!

By Nitesh Deshmukh

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