If you are a beginner, you are probably wondering what is weed flower and bud. They are both the same and the names are used interchangeably. The flower or the bud of the marijuana plant has high THC and CBD content, which is why they are also used in raw form. They are cultivated, dried and processed to ensure its potency is maintained.

What is marijuana bud?

 The trichome-covered part of the female cannabis plant is the smokable part that is used for making weed. Although different parts of the plants are also used, the bud is considered as the most potent part of the plant. The quality of the bud is determined y the aroma, color and the concentration of the trichomes. The bud goes by many names like flowers and nugs.

Now, there are many ways to use weed bud. You can choose the method as per your convenience.

Smoking Joint

When it comes to using the bud, smoking is the oldest and the most conventional method. There are many ways to smoke a weed bud. You can make a joint with rolling paper and the bud or flower. Roll them up y placing the bud along the length of the paper. Now, light it and smoke it. It doesn’t matter whether you are using weed for medicinal purpose or recreational, a joint is an effective and affordable way to enjoy it.

Smoke Pipes

Pipes are very popular too. Even with so many advanced options, the age-old smoking pipes has never gone out of fashion. It is simple and easy. It is an easy to use device that is handheld. And it is inexpensive. Just crush the bud weed and put on the bowel at the end of the pipe, heat it and smoke. If you want something discreet and travel-friendly then smoking pipe is one of the best ways to do it. If you are a beginner then this method is best to get started and gains some experience. You can easily buy cheap bud in Canada now that its legal here.

Bongs and water pipes

Bongs and water pipes are an effective way to use weed without suffering the harsh taste or smoke heat. The water present in the chamber helps in filtering out the bud. It can dilute the harshness and heat of the burnt cannabis. You will find bongs and water pipes in different sizes and fun shapes. Choose the one that easily fits your budget and your need very efficiently.


You can prepare your own edibles with the bud or raw flowers. You can use the with a recipe or drink and enjoy its effects. Edibles are one of the best ways to get the best out of the weed. For people who don’t like the idea of smoking can easily use edibles to meet their needs for CBD or THC. It may take time for the edibles to show its effects, but the effects are long-lasting than any other type of weed. It has to go through the digestive tract which delays the effects. But once it gets to the blood stream, its effects can last for couple of hours. You can easily buy cheap weed for sale available in the online stores.

Smoke a Blunt

It is not the very common way to use weed, but you can try it if there are no other options left. Or if you love cigar and want to take it to the next level. An emptied-out cigar is used to fill it with the dried weed flowed and then it is rolled. You can now use it as a joint and enjoy the taste of bud with that of cigar cover. This method works if you don’t have rolling paper and wants something effective and low-cost.

The Bottomline

A bud is the dried flower and plants parts that are used for smoking and making edibles. But you can make your own extract with the dried flowers too. Smoking is the best way to use dried weed flowers. You can choose from a wide range of smoking options like joints, smoking pipes, bongs, and blunts.

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