How to outline a shape in Photoshop

Photoshop offers massive editing functionalities one can easily use to his own benefit if he learns Photoshop well. With Photoshop, you can solve any image problems and readily make images to give the look you want.

Since images have become highly concerning the issue at present as they come in handy with requirements for example, websites, social media, advertising, and for so many reasons. For these reasons, images should be well prepared in all aspects.

If you are an activist and manage vast activities with images, you may be familiar with such image editing operations as clipping path, retouching, outlining, and blending, and so on.

Outlining shape is an important editing function which requires so many technical and experimental photo editing purposes. In natural sight, it looks the same as the clipping path technique that uses the Photoshop pen tool to remove critical objects from images.

For your convenience, here just given a brief about object/shape outlining in Photoshop. To know more and details about this, just click here.

What is object outlining in Photoshop?

Object outlining refers to an important Photoshop task that comes as necessary for some particular deeds. Basically, object outlining is nothing but drawing an outline around the object to get the actual shape of the object.

Sometimes it is required to use a particular shape instead of using the actual object to make more sense of the figure. If you need a shape of your desired object to make something different with that, then you can do it by making an outline around the object.

How to create an outline of a particular section in your image?

Creating an outline of a particular section or shape of an image can be done in so many ways. Photoshop offers particular ways to accomplish your task and you can recourse any of them based on your need. For your convenience, we are showing here all the different techniques which will help you to create an outline in your image.

Outlining the full image

If you want to make an outline around the entire image in order to create a border, then you can easily do this with a few initial steps in Photoshop. However, you don’t need to make any selections to create a border around an image, it’s just a process conducting through a few clicks and stroke adjustments.

Here is how you can do it.

  • Open the image which you want to create a border
  • Make a duplicate layer using layer panel or pressing control + J shortcut in your keyboard
  • Whatever you do with Photoshop, you always need to remind yourself of duplicating the layer and work on that. If you choose the main layer to your working ground, then any harm or modification will directly affect the main layer
  • Double click on the duplicate layer to open the layer style panel
  • Select stroke
  • Set the stroke position ‘inside’ and keep opacity level at 100%
  • Set the fill type to color and select the color you want to see in your outline
  • Lastly, there is an option to adjust the size of the stroke using the stroke size slider

Outline specific object

For high-end image editing and retouching, there need to separate out specific objects in an image to remove or precisely adjust that. In such cases, professionals need to create a vector path around the object to ensure that any adjustments to the object won’t harm the rest of the image.

Although, there are some other ways to select the specific objects in images with an outline. They are,

Using selection tool

It is the easiest way to select specific objects from images. Photoshop has a quick selection tool that will help you to easily select any image object. You can particularly control the different aspects of the tool while you choose it. To use the tool for selecting objects, follow these options,

  • In the left toolbar, you will get a selection tool. Right-click on that and it will show variants of the selection tool from where you have to choose the object selection tool. It is a new addition available in Photoshop CC 2020. If your one is older than that, you could go with the quick selection tool
  • You have to adjust settings while the object selection tool is active. Set mode to the rectangle and ensure that you check ‘enhance edge’ and ‘object subtract’
  • If your object is on a solid background, then you have to choose a select subject on the above option bar
  • Now click and drag out a rectangular selection around the preferred object. After selecting, Photoshop will automatically snap a selection around the object
  • Then you have to press control + J to duplicate the selection to a new layer, double click on the new layer to open the layer style panel
  • Select ‘stroke’, set the position ‘outside’, and keep the opacity 100%
  • Set the file type to color and choose a color to see

In this way, you can easily make an outline around any object in your image and set it to an RGB background or apply any other background color to it. You can also go through a clipping path that may seem quite difficult if you are new to the Photoshop pen tool.

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