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Everybody enjoys travelling, at least once in a while. But whether it is a business trip or a long-awaited vacation, deciding on the right luggage bag can be a little tricky. Poor-quality travel bags can get in your way and cause some serious headaches.

Although it may sound a little sad to talk about travelling right now, but wouldn’t you like to go somewhere after the pandemic ends? Thus, keeping the optimistic future in mind, we have a list of various types of travel and luggage bags. Now whether you decide on a cabin travel bag or hardside luggage bag, the choice is yours!

A Carry-On Bag

A carry-on bag is designed to fit inside the compartments of the flight. The standard measurement of carry-on bags is about 22x9x14 inches, including the handles and wheels. They are lightweight cabin travel bags perfect for flights. They are available in hard cases that are more durable, and soft cases – suited for over-packers!

Hardside Luggage Bags

It is one of the sturdiest luggage bags available in the market. It is waterproof and is perfect if you are carrying heavier items. Hardside luggage allows you to stuff things on both sides and close it like a clamshell. Nowadays, they are made up of lighter polycarbonate materials that don’t scratch easily. However, these bags do not fit the overhead compartments and are quite heavy.


A travel pack is the best friend of hikers or trekkers everywhere. Travel packs are lightweight, durable bags with an ergonomic design. They have metal frames and hip belts for better support and have a front-loading style. Available in a diverse colour range and styles, they are a specialised version of rucksacks.

Spinner Luggage Bags

The favourite kind of luggage bags amongst seasoned travellers!

Spinner luggage has four wheels that all turn to 360 degrees so that the bag can smoothly glide in any direction. The bags can easily turn corners and gives a lot more mobility to the traveller than their two-wheeler counterpart.

However, there are some downsides to this type of luggage. The wheels of these bags stick out from the suitcase, so there is a possibility of breakage. Also, a spinner bag can tolerate minimum bruising.

Duffel Bag

If you are planning a weekend trip, a duffle bag comes in handy. They have multiple compartments to store all the travel essentials with straps. They are heavy-duty bags often used by athletes or gym enthusiasts. The material is usually polyester, vinyl, or canvas. A large size duffle bag can carry sleeping bags, camping gear, sports equipment, and many more. But the larger size of duffle bags can be inconvenient.

Weekender Bag

By the name itself, you can understand that the bag is specifically designed for short weekend trips. It looks like an oversized tote bag with some extra compartments. They have two handles and a crossbody strap and are perfect for light packing.

They are typically made of nylon or cotton or leather and can be a perfect carry-on bag. But packing too much stuff cannot be possible in these luggage bags.

How to Decide on A Luggage Bag?

To choose an appropriate luggage bag, one needs to remember a few important aspects of the journey.

  • Length of The Trip- This is the primary factor in choosing the right luggage bag. For a weekend trip, a lightweight carry-on bag is perfect. Depending on the days you will be travelling, you need to pack your essentials accordingly.
  • Nature of The Trip- Are you going for camping? Or staying at an executive suite for an office conference? Or packing for your solo trip? Where are you going? The place, the nature of the journey will decide which luggage bag to carry.
  • Modes of Transportation- If you are travelling by road, it will easier to carry a backpack. But for a flight journey, a cabin approved bag is a necessity. Your packing items will depend on the modes of transportation you will opt for.
  • Your Itinerary- If you plan to visit a city, stay at a posh hotel and shop; your packing will be very different from someone who is preparing for a trek. Therefore, your activities will determine the type of luggage bags you need to choose.
  • Your Budget- This is relatively self-explanatory. If you are an occasional traveller and don’t want to spend so much money, a simple softside luggage bag would be enough. But for a mountain climber, investing in a good quality rucksack is a necessity.

There is the right kind of travel bag for every kind of trip. If you are looking for some lightweight wheeled cabin travel bags for your next trip, visit Keplin. Make your journey super comfortable with cabin bags that fit perfectly in the overhead compartments of flights.


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