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A vintage ensemble might be a little challenging to master, as there is a thin line between looking classy and costume-y. A gorgeous vintage dress looks impressive on its own, but finishing with vintage accessories completes the look.

Some people like to go full vintage; some prefer to create a vintage-inspired look. But regardless, retro accessories have their own appeal. And it looks fantastic with modern apparel as well. They can be styled in a number of ways to spice up a simple garment.

Here is a List of Vintage Accessories and Ways to Style Them.

Vintage Sunglasses

Let’s start with the most popular one!

Retro sunglasses are probably the easiest to style. They can be worn with simple everyday clothing like a white shirt and jeans. If you plan to wear them with multiple outfits, choose a neutral-coloured sunglass – black, brown, etc.

Pearls are timeless and add a touch of sophistication to your look. Think of innovative ways to incorporate them into your outfit. Instead of wearing them on the neck, try wearing them on your wrist or as a hair accessory.

Floral Hair Clips

Floral clips are adorable and flirty. They obviously look pretty in the summers, but you can wear them every season. For instance, wear a burnt orange colour clip during autumn. For the winter, try wearing a white colour or blue colour floral clip. Cherry blossom hair clips look very pretty in summers.

Vintage Scarves

A retro scarf can a panache to your outfit. They can be worn in a lot of different ways. For office wear, try a French knot with a simple shirt and a pair of trousers. Modern outfits particularly look very sophisticated with vintage scarves.

Lace Gloves

Don’t restrict yourself to vintage clothing to wear ths fantastic accessory. You can wear them for cocktail parties or even weddings. Pick a short-length glove to amp up a simple fit and flare dress.

A Statement Belt

A simple vintage statement belt can create a perfect hourglass figure by cinching the waist. We agree that everybody is different and a ‘perfect hourglass figure’ is an unrealistic expectation to have. But it doesn’t harm to give a simple dress some structure and spice. Wear something contrasting, like a red belt with a black dress to create a charming ensemble.

A Dazzling Vintage Choker

Although a diamond choker may be too expensive, you can thrift costume jewellery for much less. A 90s style choker is such a decadent piece that elevates your look beautifully.

A Satchel Retro Bag

There are a ton of options for retro-style bags, but a satchel is a versatile vintage accessory. You can opt for a statement print or choose something in a neutral tone.

Some Valuable Tips for Styling Your Vintage Accessories

Accessorising is all about obtaining the right balance. With the right kind of accessories, even the most basic outfit can look glamorous.

  • If you are new to vintage accessories, choose a few statement pieces to wear with multiple outfits. Later, when you are ready, start adding more to your collection.
  • Accessories can really change the outlook of a clothing item. For instance, glam up your black shift dress with heels, statement earrings, and rings. Try to add a belt to cinch the waist. Think cleverly and plan accordingly!
  • Colours and patterns matter a lot when it comes to accessories. Vibrant colours like pink shoes or a red scarf can jazz up your look.
  • Try to mix and match your accessories for fun. Add one colourful, fun piece with a neutral outfit. Don’t restrict yourself. Even different metals like gold and silver will look amazing if worn right.

So which vintage accessories are you planning on buying next?

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