Plastic carrier bags

Plastic carrier bags and plastic packaging materials are the great inventions of the olden days. Even today non-toxic plastic packaging materials are widely used in the market. However, not all plastics bags are a good option as these plastics are highly polluting the earth and its atmosphere. They are not biodegradable and take millions and trillions of years to degrade. These plastics not only contaminate water bodies but are also responsible for the death of animals. This is one of the biggest reasons for abandoning traditional plastics and shift to reusable and eco-friendly packaging materials/bags. Eco-friendly bags are produced using materials that are biodegradable, and hence supports the environment and its Inhabitants.

Let Us Dig Deeper into The Advantages of Using Eco-Friendly Bags.

  • Highly Durable: Eco-friendly shopping bags such as cotton bags, jute bags and canvas bags are stronger and studier than plastic carrier bags. They have a good longevity, do not tear off easily and are easy for loading and unloading. Also, since air can pass through these bags, they keep your fruits and veggies fresh for a longer time.
  • Looks Classy: These bags with basic brown or pale-yellow colours and simple designs look sophisticated and high class. The comfort of the material makes you handle your bag confidently without discomforting the user even if the weight is too much.
  • Friendly to The Environment: The effect of plastic carrier bags can be devastating whereas eco-friendly bags are kind to nature. It does not pollute water bodies, land and animals as these environment-friendly bags can be recycled or destroyed easily without harming the environment.
  • Easy to Store: These bags are made of cotton and jute are reusable as can be used for multipurpose. You do have to keep too many and use the fresh or new bags every time for different purposes. Apart from that they are slim and can easily be folded so it takes less space in the drawer.
  • Easily Customisable: Materials like paper, jute, canvas and cotton cloth can easily be graphically designed and customised hence is the most effective marketing tool for companies and manufacturers. You can print logos, quotes, symbols, images and much more on these eco-friendly cheap packaging materials and constructively use them as branding and promotion tools.
  • Highly Cost-Effective: These reusable bags are much more economical than traditional plastic carrier bags. Cotton bags, canvas bags, jute bags or paper bags are reusable and structured in a way that you don’t have to waste money buying them again and again and be used for serving many purposes. They are even washable, so if anything spills on or inside the bag you can just wash it and it is ready for use again (except paper bag).

Advantages of eco-friendly bags are over plastic carrier bags are endless. The British government is encouraging the use of eco-friendly bags and hence most British supermarkets offer reusable bags. Packaging Express is one of leading suppliers of sustainable packaging supplies in the UK. They are known for both their high-end and affordable products.

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