During COVID 19 Pandemic

COVID 19 has hit globally in a much cruel way than what we can comprehend. Besides, the casualties due to the disease, people are falling prey to issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, boredom, etc due to this practice of social distancing. COVID 19 has actually brought the world and movement to a halt. The only way to limit the spread of this disease is by social distancing. So, in lieu of minimizing the mental impact of the disease Instagram has come up with some wonderful initiatives.

Access to Right and Accurate Information

When people look out for information that is about COVID-19 on Instagram, they will begin to see various educational messages that will link them to World Health Organisation resources and other local health bodies. So, these people will have access to only right and accurate information about the disease and its spread. Instagram has also come up with stickers that will enable people to take about their real COVID-19 stories. These new features encompass reminders to distance yourself from the others and wash hands regularly. Instagram is a wonderful medium to disseminate any thought and this is one of the biggest factors that for promoting anything, people buy Instagram Followers.

Steps to ensure Connectivity and Safety

Ever since the World Health Organization has stated that the coronavirus outbreak is a public health emergency, Instagram is putting efforts so that people feel safe as well as connected. A feeling of paranoia should not engulf the young generation as this is the first time the world is facing a condition like this where we have to lock ourselves inside homes to feel safe. Some of the ways how Instagram is helping people have been mentioned below:

  • Offering several educational resources on Instagram Search.
  • Adding this feature of stickers so that only accurate and correct information is spread across.
  • Getting rid of all COVID-19 accounts from the recommendation list, unless it is posted by any reliable and trustworthy health organization.
  • Coming up with this amazing donation sticker. This will enable us to send relief to a lot of people. Non profits will also be able to render support.
  • Creating a shared story that can help those who are practicing social distancing connect with other people, you can use this “Stay Home” sticker to generate awareness.
  • Launching this amazing new way to browse Instagram with your friends over this feature of video chat.

Removal of Unauthentic Content

Instagram has removed all COVID-19 related content from Explore unless it has validation by WHO or any other reliable health agency. People buy Instagram likes to promote content. Even big companies do that as there is no platform that is as user-interactive as Instagram.  To prevent false information regarding COVID-19 all advertisements that guarantee cures or even prevention of the disease have been banned. Even ads to promote medical supplies such as face masks have been done away with.

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