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Making your wardrobe look clean and organised is not really that big a deal the way we see it to be. But I think we keep denying the fact that the wardrobe isn’t too messy or just do not want to go through the process of cleaning, organising or reorganisng it.

A wardrobe clutter is hazardous for your clothes

All of us love to wear rich, luxe fabrics like linen, silk, satin, pashmina and so on, and love to keep buying them every now and then. But your wardrobe clatter is deadly for them. These fabrics get easily crinkled, and ironing them every other day is not really a solution.

Opening your wardrobe and getting stuck under a pile of dresses, women’s tunic tops, denims, skirts and so on, is not really a very favourable situation but I am sure we all have been through it. You may find it quite time-consuming and tedious to clean and rearrange your wardrobe, but it’s not even that scary. You will actually be disheartened when you find your favourite Italian linen tops, linen dungarees all scattered and crushed. You need to identify if there are too many clothes crammed in or is it just too much disorganised.

Plan to rearrange it on your day-off. Sort out the summer clothes from the winter clothes. You can keep the Cashmere poncho separately. Sort out, and start donating, recycling and upcycling the clothes, you will automatically find a lot of free space in the closet. You can take help of wardrobe organisers to make your job easier.

Still unable to keep your favourite clothes in shape? Scroll through the infographic below to check what else can you do to maintain your favourite clothing. We have everything covered.

By Phil Anderson

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