Eating a bowl of food with your family and friends in the form of a get-together on a weekend like Sunday is known as a Super Bowl get-together. You all can enjoy the food while watching a great game on the TV. It is necessary that the food served in this type of get-together is healthy for your teeth and gums and boosts your oral health.

In this situation of pandemic also you can enjoy a get together of such type with the members of your family. If you are a fan of sports then this get-together will make you so much happy that you will forget all the worries and tensions. You will feel relaxed after having a treat of such kind.

Now I am going to describe some Super Bowl Snacks your teeth will love.

1.Cheese Platter – For your teeth, it is great to eat cheese and it is tasty too. Your tooth enamel and bones will strengthen if you will consume a mineral known as calcium that is present in a great amount in cheese. The bacteria that are responsible for tooth decay will not be able to harm the teeth of those people who eat cheese because of the presence of casein protein in cheese. Your mouth’s pH level increases by eating cheese. If this level decreases, then harmful acid will start forming in your mouth which is not good for your dental health. So, in your get-together including a cheese platter is a nice idea. Don’t consume crackers that contain a lot of starch.

2.Nuts – For your oral health and your body a superfood that is so beneficial is a snack known as nuts. At any type of party, you can serve nuts. A lot of minerals and vitamins are present in this snack. When you will chew nuts then so much saliva will form in your mouth because the texture of the nuts is crunchy. For rinsing and cleaning your mouth, this saliva will play a great role. Tooth decay and production of bacteria will not occur in your mouth by eating nuts because the sugar content in the nuts is very low.  

3.Crudite and Dip – The raw vegetables in the French language are known as Crudité. You can eat Crudité in various forms like eating them with a dip based on yogurt and eating them with hummus or guacamole. Your oral health will remain good if you will eat these food items and these are delicious too. A lot of salivae will produce in your mouth after eating them which is very good for your oral health. Along with this, your gums will get a very good massage if you will chew peppers, carrots and several other raw vegetables that are so crunchy. Various minerals, vitamins, healthful fiber and water in a great volume are present in them. If you want your gums healthy then you need to eat foods containing folic acid and an example of such kind of food is hummus containing chickpeas. For strengthening your teeth, a mineral known as calcium and the good bacteria known as probiotics are present in yogurt.

4.Water – Although without eating the cold foods you can enjoy your Super Bowl party but don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated always. Some food items may not be good for your dental health. You can easily remove those items by drinking a lot of water and swishing well. Fluoride helps in boosting enamel and in some countries, it is present in tap water. So, if you are a citizen of those countries then drink tap water only, because it will be beneficial to your dental health.

Some Super Bowl Snacks that you have to avoid

Sometimes acids that are not good for your gums and teeth can form in your mouth because of certain bacteria that develop in your mouth as a result of eating pretzels, crackers, chips and several other food items containing starch. Your tooth enamel can wear out if you will eat certain sauces that contain acids. So, don’t eat sauces with chicken wings. Eat chicken wings alone. Acids and sugar are present in sodas. So, avoid drinking sodas.To get the treatment of my various dental problems I like to visit the dentist near me.

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