The minimum size should be 1 meter long to keep 2 to 4 rats, although the more space you have, the more you will exercise, the better quality of life and the better mood you will be. The cage will have to be placed in a place in the house that is quiet and where there is not much noise since rats are nocturnal so when there is movement around the house they will be sleeping and we will disturb them. It is also not advisable to put them in the room where we will sleep because at night they will bother us in case we have a light sleeper.

Can I put tubes in the cage?

Yes. They should be large tubes and not very long, the ones made for rats or ferrets. They should be cleaned every week. You should avoid small hamster tubes, they are not advisable, since they are sources of infections due to deposited urine and poor ventilation, in addition to that they would not enter.

Should I use a rodent ball to make it run?

It is not advisable, like the tubes, it  has a very bad ventilation  and the visibility from inside is very bad. It is best to remove them without a ball in a safe place to exercise.

Should I get him out of his cage?

Yes. When the rodent is already socialized, it must be removed for  around 30 minutes a day  in an area where it cannot be hurt and can run (the corridor for example), in this way you can improve its confidence with you and its physical health.

How often should I clean the cage?
The cage should be cleaned  every week with hot water and mild soap , in addition to all the accessories that have been inside the cage. Every 3 days you should clean the areas where you usually urinate. It is a tip that should be kept in mind, cleaning the cage every 5 days, since the pee of rats is very, VERY strong.

How should the cage be?

It should be tall, with stiff bars, a deep plastic tray, and a large door. Ideally with many floors and hanging booths and toys where they can go up to play. Rats really like to be in the heights.

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We strongly discourage the use of the following substrates:

Sawdust: It is the most commercialized, but the worst. Normally it is usually conifers, which release phenols, which are very toxic to our rodents.
• Pressed sawdust pellets: Same as the previous one, since it is usually coniferous and, as we have said before, they are very toxic to our rodents. It is also usually uncomfortable for their legs.
• Newsprint: The ink that comes off is toxic. In addition, it does not contain the smell and must be changed every day.
• Cat litter: It is very harmful to our rodents, toxic if ingested and irritates the respiratory tract.

To complement the nest of our rodents we can provide them with kitchen paper without drawings or smells.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW that hay is harmful to the health of our rats, due to the dust it gives off.

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