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Seamless pipe manufacturers in Pakistan maker supplies seamless carbon steel pipes Stainless steel alloys, chrome, nickel, rare grades. Seamless steel pipe is used due to its high stress resistance. Excellent consistent shape Improves strength under load Although seamless pipes can be more expensive than welded pipes. However, this increased pressure capacity makes it possible to use thinner and lighter pipes. As a Seamless pipe manufacturers in Pakistan, we can help you determine the brand and type of steel pipe you need for your project.

Typical applications of seamless steel pipes

The advantages of Seamless pipe manufacturers in Pakistan make it an ideal material for a variety of industrial pipes. An additional advantage of well equipment pressure vessel equipment and offshore drilling rig seamless pipes, including shipbuilding, pipelines and oil drilling equipment, is that they work well in harsh environments. This means it can be used in very cold or hot environments.

Comply with crescent foundation industry standards

Pakistan Seamless pipe manufacturers in Pakistan and the largest supplier of chrome, carbon and stainless steel seamless pipes. It is important for us that all products meet or exceed project standards such as ASTM, ASME, API, UNS, SB, DIN and JIS.
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Seamless carbon steel pipe

This standard specifies manufacturing requirements for steel pipes with two levels of specifications (PSL1 and PSL2) for use in pipeline transportation systems in the oil and gas industry.

Product knowledge

Application Programming Interface (API) specifications are designed to enable end users and manufacturers to clearly agree and understand the features and performance of pipeline products offered. This clause is national law and defines it as a national or state legal obligation. Especially in the Pakistan.

Seamless pipe manufacturers in Pakistan also requires individual manufacturer approval and maintains a manufacturer-approved composite index. This means that the API sends inspectors to the center to ensure that the standard requirements are being met by potential manufacturer requests. It looks like a franchise, but the API doesn’t financially benefit the factory. Is not responsible for the behavior of the manufacturer or the characteristics of the product.

API 5L does not have its own pipe size table. As with the ASTM standard, the nominal pipe size is in accordance with ASME B36.10. Therefore, API 5L pipes often have similar certifications to ASTM A53, A106, and A333. Meets all the requirements of these conditions

ASME recognizes the widespread use of API 5L products, not “reinventing the wheel,” and has applied these grades to high pressure pipelines (B31.X). Please note that the use of API 5L plumbing is prohibited. For use in ASME BPVC pressure vessels unless it exceeds engineering design requirements and is not approved by your local pressure vessel reference authority.

The API 5L specification includes requirements for non-destructive testing and hydraulic testing. This is often a legal requirement. Neither the user nor the manufacturer can ignore these conditions.

A dedicated API 5L appendix describes additional requirements for sourcing and outdoor services.

The API 5L specification is usually clearer in terms of dimensional tolerance constraints (end smoothness, pipe smoothness, hockey stick and open tube), but the ASTM standard is more ambiguous. Basics of factory tolerances whether API 5L specifications are specified in the factory order or not.

In the past, the API 5L specification has changed. (Published jointly) with ISO 3183 due to global policy and therefore the two institutions have been separated and no longer publish the terms together. Because both document drafting committees are joint members. Two undocumented standards are still valid. In total, the products have several certifications. Read more

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