A group of ‘morally redundant’ students have been slammed after filming themselves appearing to raid a charity’s clothing donation bank to flog online.

Footage uploaded to popular video sharing app shows a group of four young people at a British Heart Foundation clothes bin at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Lower Chatham Street campus. 

The academic institution say they are investigating the incident, after one member of the group flaunted stolen designer brands before reportedly bragging she would flog the goods online. 

The now deleted footage received almighty backlash after it was published with a caption, ‘@ my depop’, that is believed to refer to the secondhand clothes website, depop.com. 

A group of ‘morally redundant’ youths have been slammed after filming themselves appearing to raid British Heart Foundation’s clothing donation bank to sell panduan judi online

Manchester Metropolitan University say they are investigating the incident which took place on their campus

Footage that was uploaded to TikTok, which has since been removed following backlash, shows one male and three female youths stood around the BHF’s overflowing clothing bin, while one of the girls appears to help herself to items.

The man is dancing in what appears to be an attempt to show off items, including a pink hat that viewers claimed he had taken from the charity spot.

Clothes were then laid on the ground to show off the brand names on the interior tags. 

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Angry social media users branded the group’s behaviour as ‘shocking and disrespectful’ and questioned why they would upload it to social media.

Twitter user @katiemedleyy tweeted: ‘Can’t even imagine how sheltered you have to be to be this morally redundant.’ 

And Joe Mccoll shared these sentiments when he tweeted: ‘This is just shocking and disrespectful.I can’t understand why they’re laughing.’

Another user @deepdrownhappy tweeted: ‘The caption was ‘@ my depop’ too so not only are they stealing clothes from charity bins they’re going to make profit off it?? How grim and embarrassing is that.’

Furious social media users branded the behaviour of the 'morally redundant' group of youths as 'shocking and disrespectful'

Furious social media users branded the behaviour of the ‘morally redundant’ group of youths as ‘shocking and disrespectful’

The video prompted so much hate that one Instagram user – who happens to share the same name as the TikTok account that uploaded the clip – claimed she was faced a barrage of ‘awful messages and people threatening my new business’ due to people mistakenly believing she was involved. 

While the youths are widely referred to as students online, it remains unclear whether they are of university age or attend Manchester Met themselves. 

The university confirmed it was aware of the clip and that the donation bin was on their campus. 

A spokesman said: ‘We’re aware of a video on social media relating to clothing donation units on the University campus and are currently investigating further.’ 

Jane Flannery, senior regional director at the British Heart Foundation commented: ‘We’re hugely grateful for the donations we receive from students nationwide via our Pack for Good scheme, as every item sold helps fund our vital research. 

‘It’s disappointing to see a few items being removed from this donation point, however, we are aware of the video and are liaising with the University.’ 

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