As your baby grows then the front teeth at the lower side start appearing in his mouth when he is about 6 months old. Here we can say that teething has been started in his mouth. Teething continues up to 3 years of age. Ear rubbing, gum rubbing, increased biting, diarrhea, mild temperature, mouth rashes, loss of appetite, drooling, gum inflammation, disrupted sleep and irritability are the symptoms that occur during this period.

Some people consider cold symptoms as teething symptoms. At an age of about 6-8 months teething starts in babies. The placenta provides the mother’s immunity to the infant but when the baby becomes 6 months old then this immunity diminishes. It happens because of the development of the immune system of the infant. Some minor infections can occur in infants at this time. Cold or minor illnesses can also occur because of this. But we need not get confused by considering these symptoms as teething symptoms.

Now I am going to show you some baby teething symptoms.

1.Ear pulling and cheek rubbing – At the time of eruption of the molars, the ear and cheek of babies can have pain in them which travels there from gums. Because of the pain, the kids will start rubbing their ears and cheek. But sometimes due to infection in the ear, the kids rub their cheek or pull ear. So, if a high fever occurs with these symptoms, then you need to consult a pediatrician for your kid.

What will you do to provide relief to your kid from ear pulling and cheek rubbing?

Use your clean finger to massage the gums of babies.

2.Fever of low grade – A fever of around 99 to 100 degrees is known as a fever of low grade. When the kids eat with dirty hands then this fever can occur. But if the temperature increases then the illness can be more serious and it may not be a sign of teething. Consult a pediatrician if the temperature is 101 degrees or more.

When the kids have a fever of low grade then how will you help them?

As per the advice of a pediatrician give pain medicine to your kids.

3.Gnawing and biting – The kids bite for alleviating the gums’ pressure.

During gnawing and biting, what steps will you take to help your kid?

Here you will get a lot of help from something that is cold. Prepare popsicles of veggies and fruits by freezing a mixture of baby food and water. Providing your kid with some frozen or chilled teething toys, chew beads and teething rings is a good idea.

4.Coughing – Gag or occasional cough can occur during the production of a lot of salivae when the teeth of a kid start appearing.

At the time of coughing what steps will you take for helping your kid?

Consult a pediatrician if your kid suffers from flu, cold or high fever along with cough. These are the signs of sickness but not of emerging teeth.

5.Skin rashes/drooling – Drooling can occur in your kid’s mouth because of the stimulation from teething.

At the time of drooling, what steps will you take to help your baby?

The saliva contains a lot of bacteria due to which the neck, chin, cheeks and mouth can have rashes in them. You need to wipe these areas periodically so that these areas remain dry and clean. On the skin that is sore, chapped and dry you can apply the barrier cream. The best dental hospital in Chennai has many dentists that are highly qualified. They charge comparatively less fees as compared to the other dental hospitals and provide various kinds of dental treatments. Their behaviour with patients is very good.

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