I hope you are doing well, and I hope you find this message well.

I purchased this in the large size and in the black w/purple stripes color.

I think it looks great, and it will be a great pair of track pants to wear at home and then to the gym.

With the current pandemic, I love wearing things like this while working from home and then being

able to grab a quick bite and head over to the gym – it makes my life easier. The zippered pockets are

a big pro as well to hold my phone and wallet and keys, while at the gym w/o falling out.

I am 5’11 and 170 lbs with a muscular build, and I like the fit. Medium would fit on me perfectly,

but I like to give my testicles some room to breath – sorry if that is TMI for some of you. Also,

I plan on getting those Ronaldo Thighs so I don’t like to stick to super tight – this motivates me to get bigger.

I will recommend these pants, and I have bought them before, but they are a little over priced.

I have been able to find these for $25 on sale before, so I ended up paying $12 more than I usually would

but I needed 5-6 pairs to last me the week!

I hope this review helps, and I will update this review if I find anything wrong with the product over time!

The pants are super comfy and provide just enough warmth to be useful but allow enough airflow to be

good to work out in. I ran with them in the 50F range and they were just right. The material is really soft,

so they also lend themselves really well for lounging around the house. All in all they’re a great buy for personalized basketball jersey a

wide variety of uses. That said, since they are a bit slim fitting, if you’ve got big thighs or a little junk in

the trunk you might want to go a size up or explore a less slim option. 10/10 I would buy again

By Edna Santos

My name is Edna and I am studying Environmental Management and Biological Sciences at Reykjavik / Iceland.

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