7 months agoI was skeptical based on the price but pleasantly surprised once I opened the package. The shirts are comfortable, soft, thick(but not too thick) and great quality. I ordered the XL and the actual sizing was spot on. What I find hard to find in a good, quality T shirt is one where the sleeves are of normal length and the trunk of the T isn’t too long or too short, and these fit the bill perfectly! Lastly, the fit is a “standard” fit, not that body hugging “fitted” crap that all shirts seem to be nowadays. For us guys with the “Dad bods”, these shirts hang nicely and hide the guts, jelly rolls and man boobs that we’ve worked so hard to aquire over the years.

these shirts are very comfortable. They don’t seem to have any excess shrinkage when washed, they are holding their color, and authentic nfl jersey keep their shape. They don’t stretch out during the day in the underarms or neck. The material is super soft, and they don’t have any harsh seams. They seem like a really quality product. I can’t really rate whether or not they keep you cooler or warmer just yet, but they do seem like a really good product. I would buy them again

I like my shirts to be loose but not too loose, but also fit well at the neck, chest, arms and waist. Good on all accounts. I was purchasing shirts from another manufacture and I liked the fit except for the neck where it knid of had that “shirts on backwards” feel all the time. These have none of that and fit much better overall.

There was some slight shrinking after washing, but not much and actually just enough to to make them fit perfectly for me. I will be buying more of these in different colors and they will become my default shirt for the summer season. I also purchased a few of these in the men’s Big Tall version in 2x which I use when lounging around the house and for sleeping.

By Modesta Arnott

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